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In the State of Indiana & Illinois, all bites and scratches to a person, domestic or wild animal that break the skin must be reported. Euthanasia cannot be performed on pets that have bitten within the last 10 days. Pets must be quarantined for ten (10) days following the bite.

Compassion and the value of service is our first priority

From Home to Heaven has celebrated the completion of it’s 8th year in business. We’ve built a lot of great relationships already and we’re looking forward to strengthening them even further.

This journey has been fantastic, and we would like to thank all of our relief doctors who have helped to make our business successful. Special thanks to Dr. Laura Beyer, our awesome friend and veterinarian who is responsible for making From Home to Heaven exist. We would also like to thank an amazing man, Mr. Tom Groen the owner of Faithful Companion Pet Cremation Services for believing in us.

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to share our gift with the world. We are very grateful for your guidance and support.

Words cannot express how thankful we are for having wonderful clients who entrust us with the final care of their beloved pets.

It doesn’t matter where you go in life or what you achieve. What matters most is who you have beside you along the way.

Thanks for helping to make From Home to Heaven a great success! We are looking forward to another prosperous year. God Bless!

– The From Home to Heaven Staff


Client Testimonials

I just wanted to send a note to say how very grateful we are for the services that were provided to us for our beloved Mina.  She HATED going to the vet and I just knew I couldn’t put her through that in her last moments with us.  Dr. Stevens was so kind and professional and gave us all the time we needed.  As difficult as it was we couldn’t have asked for a more peaceful way to say goodbye to our special girl.  Thank you so much for all that you do, you’re all just as special as all of the animals that you help.

~ Jennifer & Don Bacso 

Thank u for making a difficult situation much easier. This was by far the best euthanasia experience I have ever had. I had a dream last night about Benny running through the yard looking like a puppy again. I believe it was his way of telling me he is Ok and made it to the Rainbow Bridge. I’m sure his pack was waiting for him.  Thank you From Home to Heaven for everything. 🌈🐾

~ Deana 💕

The service provided by Home2Heaven is the best of its kind. We had to let our 14 yo Choc. Lab, Jameson go, and this was the most compassionate, peaceful transition we’ve ever experienced. The sorrow and pain felt with this kind of loss can not be removed, but it can be lessened when you know your sweet furbaby is not suffering through the process. I highly recommend this company.

~ Carmen M. 💔

I have to post about these two companies, because they were so helpful handling Macie’s end of life decisions. They took a lot of stress off my girl and that makes me happy!! From Home to Heaven came to our house and handled the euthanasia right in Macie’s favorite spot. She had zero stress, which was the best part. I’ve had other dogs put down and getting an ailing larger pet to the vet for that is SO STRESSFUL for us. Faithful companion took Macie and then returned 24 hours later with her remains. Please remember these 2 local businesses. They are doing amazing things for our furry family members. By the way, thank you all for your love and kindness over the last couple of days. We are at peace knowing that Macie is no longer hurting, but we miss her so much ❤️

~ Danny & Mackenze P.

We had to put our 13 year old boy down. It was such a tough day for all of us but this place was so caring and helped us through the whole process! We are so thankful for FH2H helping us when we had to make the toughest decision for our guy. I highly recommend them!

~ Gina A.

Bella was my best girl. She meant so much to me. She always gets stressed out at the vet and I did not want her last moments to be filled with stress and anxiety. I am so appreciative of the support we received during this hard time. 

From Home to heaven is amazing. The doctors were great and very kind. I’m so happy that I found them to help us through this difficult time.

~ Bella’s Mom 💕

On Friday November 17, 2023. Debbie and I had to make the hardest decision we ever had to make. We had to put our beloved Bella Dawn Berkwitt to sleep. Happy She had become so sick and no matter the extent of steps we took could save our little princess. Our vet assistant (Yvonne) at Doctor Smith’s Animal Clinic in Crown Point, Indiana who has treated Bella for years and loves her, told us to call Keta at From Home To Heaven…  We wanted our beautiful princess Bella to pass on in her home that she loved with her brother Santino and loved ones who adored her surrounding her… 

From the moment Debbie called Keta, her compassion and attending to our needs was above and beyond which touched both of us… We set the hardest appointment we ever had at 5:30 PM…  Promptly at 5:30 PM, Doctor Stevens showed up and like Keta, was full of compassion, understanding and gave us the space to say goodbye to our little princess Bella…  In a world badly needing kindness and compassion, again, it was very touching to see a local business show it and much more…  Five stars is not high enough…

~Brad Berkwitt (Winfield, Indiana)

I can not express how thankful we are for From Home to Heaven. Dr Stevens and Craig were kind and loving, explaining the process and what to expect. They listened to our stories of our sweet girl Miley and gave us all the time we needed to hug and love on our baby. Miley was a 15 year old Black Lab that helped us raise 3 daughters, 2 pups and a cat. It was wonderful for Miley to be with her family and to peacefully pass on her bed surrounded by love. Thank you for answering every question and being compassionate and caring. I highly recommend From Home to Heaven, truly angels. 💔

~Michelle Pineiro

Having our beloved black lab, Cooper, in our family for over 12 years, the time came where we had to make a decision to let him go. We knew Cooper couldn’t tolerate going to the vet again. We wanted him to be at home when the time came. After corresponding with Keta, we decided that From Home to Heaven offered the perfect option for Cooper to transition peacefully. Dr. Paula Bratich and Vet Tech April were compassionate to Cooper and us, and helped us to understand the process of letting him go. It was so peaceful having this done at home.

Nick from Faithful Companion of Cedar Lake, Indiana removed Cooper’s remains in a compassionate manner and, as promised, delivered the cremated remains the next evening.

We cannot thank you all enough for the care and compassion you gave us and Cooper on such a difficult day. God bless those who help our pets transition.

~Tony & Linda Rcupito 💔

I first want to thank everyone that checked in with me last night. I can’t explain how much that meant. To everyone that has checked in today…again, thank you. I want to send a huge thank you to From Home to Heaven. These ladies couldn’t have been more amazing. Thank you for all that you do. I simply don’t have the words to explain my gratitude. April is a diamond in the rough and was there for me constantly during the whole thing. And also a thank you to Faithful Companion in Cedar Lake. They were amazing when they came to get Apollo and took great care bringing him home to us today.

~Jennifer 💔

These angels are so kind and compassionate. They handled my fur baby with care and love. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

~Lynn S. (Harley girl’s Mom)❤️❤️❤️❤️

I just wanted to say thank you for everything. You guys are such a blessing. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your days to help everyone’s fur babies. 

~Jennifer T ❤️

Everything was coordinated perfectly. I called rather late in the evening (7:20pm). Keta worked her magic, making it possible to have my suffering cat reach his final destination. Our Lord works in mysterious ways, and this is just another way of him answering my prayers. My cat passed away peacefully in his own house, and that was really something special to me. The entire team were all angels sent from God to me last night! Many thanks for your professionalism and compassion. Most importantly making time to come to my home (at a later than normal hour) so Friskie would no longer suffer. Thank you FH2H!

~Susan D❤️🐾

Two Angels came to escort Abby to Heaven to be with her fur baby daddy who went to Heaven in 2015. FROM HOME TO HEAVEN is an awesome service. Thank you for your service and for waiving the emergency fee today. I was beyond frantic when Abby could no longer walk this morning. Your response was God sent. Hugs to your staff.

~ P. McKinley🐾❤️

I can’t recommend From Home to Heaven enough for this part of life with the fur babies. It was wonderful to have this service in the home. So much more peaceful and much less painful than at a vets office. I’m very grateful that they offer this service in Northwest Indiana. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m very sad, but grateful. Thanks for making this experience

~ A broken heart 💔

Saying goodbye to your companion is never easy. From Home to Heaven made the process much easier.
Our dog was able to be in her own bed in the comfort of our home.
The Doctor was very compassionate
and made sure I got to spend the time I needed before beginning the process. I would highly recommend this service FH2H to anyone facing the difficult
decision of saying goodbye to their beloved friend.

~ Less 💔

Wonderful service and our baby was able to pass at home in the arms of my daughter in our back yard enjoying the beautiful weather! Thank you FH2H.

~ Shawna & Daniel Bronk. 🐾🌈💔

We recently used FH2H for our dog Mia. Everything went smoothly. I would use them again if I had too. I would recommend FH2H others. This is better than going to vets office and doing it there. At home was peaceful for her. Thank you FH2H.

~Jim & Karen C 💔

I highly recommend this company.
Prompt, professional and very kind during an extremely difficult time.
Our dogs remains were delivered to our door, in person, the day after being put down. Well made wooden box with a dog paw print “wallet”. Very sad day, but the kindness that was displayed made the process easier on us.

~Tom P 🌈🌈

We’ve had to have 2 dogs put down in the last two years. I was looking for a better more comfortable option than just going to the vet because they both hated it. Someone shared From Home to Heaven to me. I learned that I could have my dogs put down by a vet in my home. From Home to Heaven also takes their remains to cremate and returns back home within 24 hours. This company is fantastic! Everyone was so kind and understood how much my dogs meant to us. We are so grateful that we found them and to know we have another option. Thank you so much. 🙏💔

~The family of MoMo
Tim & Rita Metsch

I am happy that this sevice was available near me. I would not have wanted it any other way. Everyone we encountered throughout the process were very kind and compassionate. It made our old girls transition very peaceful. Our family is so appreciative of the service provided and all the people that were involved, we thank you!

– The Decker Family


Knowing when it’s time to say goodbye to a loyal companion is incredibly difficult. I’ve had to say goodbye to many loved pets throughout the years. This was my first time doing so with From home to heaven. From beginning to end they were a level of caring and professionalism I’ve never seen. They truly care about making sure your beloved pet can go peacefully at home when the time comes. Anyone debating if this service is worth it, I can tell you it is. Allowing our dog to be at peace in his own home with loved ones meant everything for him and us. Words can’t describe how much I appreciate the service they provide. Thanks again.

– Family of Blue

If the time comes that you need to help your family pet cross over (if youre unlucky enough that they cant pass in their sleep), please consult with From Home to Heaven instead of having their last moments spent at the vets office or god forbid just shooting them. My senior great dane was able to cross rainbow bridge with his head on my lap, wrapped in my arms at the comfort of his own home because of them. They let you take all the time you need with your baby before during and after they cross over.

They explain the process before and as they go. They make sure both your pet and you are comfortable, calm, feel supported and loved. In the moment I was a blubbering snot nosed mess and couldn’t even see/think straight. They surprised me with some of his fur in a little vial and a pawprint. They gently placed him in a beautiful casket type box and transported him in a vehicle with the back end designed like a hearse. He was privately cremated (which if you choose to you can view your loved one entering the chamber at the crematory but not actually being cremated for sense of closure and to ensure you’re getting only your pets ashes back and not another pets.) I did not choose this option but I’m thankful it exists.
During the absolute HARDEST and worst day of my life, FH2H was able to come the same day to make sure my best friend’s last hour on this earth were handled with all the love, care and respect possible. I am so thankful and I hope that you will consider this at home service for your loving pet.

– Harley’s Mom


Thank Keta for your kindness and compassion during such a difficult time, You treated my family and I with such understanding. We will miss our beloved Axl forever, He was sure short changed at being only 3 yrs old. He was one of a kind, We will miss him forever.

– Regina Farley


We couldn’t be more grateful for the experience that From Home to Heaven provided. They were professional, gentle and kind. I would recommend them to anyone. Having our girl be home with us and the care that From Home to Heaven provided to us was priceless. The experience was peaceful for us and our beloved Matilda. Thank you FH2H.

– Jennifer and Don


These people are so compassionate and so kind. They walked us through the entire process before proceeding with the anesthesia and waited until we were ready to say goodbye before administering the dosage. I got to be with my cat in her final moments and they were 100 percent peaceful. The vet then checked to make sure she was gone before they left. They even provided us with a sympathy card and a jar of her fur. They were very professional and very caring. Can’t get this kinda treatment from a typical vet. I highly recommend them if you’re considering this option for a sick or elderly animal.

– Brian and Chelsea Roy

The coordinator did an amazing job of finding a team member to come out to help us euthanize our dog in-house. She was kind, caring, and understanding. Our dog can be aggressive when under stress. The veterinary staff that arrived to do the procedure did a wonderful job of working around that and helping our baby get comfy enough to make his way to the rainbow bridge. We are FURever thankful for the From Home to Heaven staff! ❤️🌈

– Chris & Valerie Atwater


The pain of having to let go of a beloved family member is absolutely indescribable. But if you’re like me and don’t want to take your pet into a unfamiliar clinic near the end of their life, then these are the people to get ahold of. They were wonderful to work with, care deeply about what they do, and make the process a little bit easier. When they time came for us to say goodbye, FH2H worked with me to coordinate a time for them to come out to the house and help my beloved Maggie transition after 16 years of love and affection in our family. A little bit expensive but a deeply essential service I’m grateful to have found. God bless you guys.

– Chris Landis


After my elderly mother died we had a tough decision to make about her two 15 year old cats who couldn’t be rehomed. We decided the best thing for them was to put them down. We didn’t want to put them through the trauma of a trip to a vet. From Home to Heaven came to the house and they were very patient and compassionate. Their kindness made this difficult process a little more bearable and we are very thankful for them and their service.

– Karen L


My little cat died on Memorial day weekend 2022, when vets were closed and emergency vets’ cost would be exorbitant. From Home to Heaven responded quickly, came to pick him up in a timely manner and brought his cremains back the next afternoon. I am forever grateful for the thoughtfulness and kindness of Keta, Nick and the staff! Thank you so much for your help.

– Patricia Tyson


Hi Keta. Thank you for your kind follow up and all you guys have done to make this transition for us as comforting as possible. I can’t express my thank you enough and how glad I am to have been able to keep Baron in his home during his last moments. I was very pleased with your services, kindness, and sympathy during this time. We had a small ceremony for him that night with my family and laid him to rest in our backyard, where we plan to plant a tree in his memory. Again, thank you so much for everything! Although services such as these are always difficult to arrange and accept, I will highly recommend you to all my family and friends. I can’t thank you enough.

– Katarina, mother of Baron


On this Mardi Gras morning, we had to say goodbye to my mom‘s dog, Monty. From Home to Heaven did an amazing job coming to our home since Monty was unable to walk. They were absolutely amazing! It was very peaceful and beautiful. Monty was the closest thing that a dog can get to a human. He was a loyal, and faithful protector of our family. RIP Beautiful bo

– Monty’s Owner


I cannot say enough good things about your service. You helped our Gnome transition peacefully and painlessly surrounded by love. Dr. Dianna and Julie treated us and our baby with the utmost respect and genuine kindness. I truly appreciate you for making a painful situation just a little easier. You are angels on earth. Thank you for all you do.

– Gia Jaskula


Thank you so much for your care and compassion with Ruby. Dr. Dianna and Julie were both so sweet and comforting and I could tell they really care. They made a really difficult time just a little easier.

– Allison Kappes


I was able to keep my old man in the comfort of his home for his final rest in my lap. It truly was the most tragic experience having to let go, but From Home to Heaven made the blow to my heart a little easier to bear. I am thankful for this service. I was talked through the process each step of the way and the girls showed much compassion to not only me, but my Hercules too.

– Lora Marie


Your kindness made such a gut wrenching and heart breaking experience so much easier to bear. Letting go of a pet is never easy and I cannot thank your team enough for the compassion they showed me, my husband and our precious Lula. Thank you From Home to Heaven.

– Laura Mikulski


Absolutely amazing service! They were efficient, compassionate and communicated so well with my family through the process of having our cat euthanized in our home. Very kind and professional and really helped us through a hard time. Thanks to them, we were able to have a peaceful end for our cat which we will forever be thankful for.

– Jess Anaya


Wow! I cannot recommend FH2H to enough people. If your are unfortunate and have to put your beloved pet down. We had that issue on Monday and they were the only company that had someone to come out within hours, all the way from Indiana. The Vet and the Crematory guy were AWESOME! They made the process so much easier. God bless them all. RIP Ella! We love you!!! ❤️

– Ronald Carroll


My 18 y.o. cat, Missy, was diagnosed with kidney disease a couple years back but still thrived up until the last weeks of her life when her kidneys finally began to fail and all her major organs showed some sign of decline and would need to start several medications to mitigate her suffering. No other at-home euthanasia businesses serviced my area. The woman I initially spoke to was very friendly and put in real effort to find a way to meet my preferred appointment time and date despite the short notice. When the vets themselves came to my home they didn’t greet me with smiles because they understood the somberness of the situation which put me at ease and alleviated the need to force pleasantries. The process was very fast which I liked as Missy had no time to detect that anything was wrong. She got a quick poke with a tiny needle that confused her more than anything and then fell asleep while I held her. It was entirely stress-free for her and the initial sedation was probably the first break in the discomfort she had felt in the days leading up to her passing. Being able to provide her with such a quick and peaceful ending has truly helped me in my grieving process to know that in her 18 years of life Missy only knew 3 rough weeks and that she was able to pass on peacefully never knowing any real pain in her own home. I truly appreciate the services offered by this establishment and was only met with compassion and understanding throughout the entire process.

– Angelica Lopez


Knowing when it’s time to say goodbye to a loyal companion is incredibly difficult. I’ve had to say goodbye to many loved pets throughout the years. This was my first time doing so with From home to heaven. From beginning to end they were a level of caring and professionalism I’ve never seen. They truly care about making sure your beloved pet can go peacefully at home when the time comes. Anyone debating if this service is worth it, I can tell you it is. Allowing our dog to be at peace in his own home with loved ones meant everything for him and us. Words can’t describe how much I appreciate the service they provide. Thanks again.

– Christopher Rutnicki


Thank you guys for everything you have done to help us get thru this tough time with Nero. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way with how hard it was to accept and make a decision. Dr. Steven’s and Julie and Faithful Companions were absolutely amazing. True Angels all of you to make something that’s so tough so special. ❤️❤️ I will 1000% recommend to any of my friends and family if they ever need suggestions. Thank You.

– Meghan & Justin Flanigan


Having to put down a pet is terrible. That said, when I had to put my German Shephard down of ten years (throat and mouth cancer) From Home to Heaven was right there to help. The experience was wonderful, humane, and really what we needed as a family. I will never forget that day or the love my dog gave to our family. If your animal gave you as much in life as mine did, than this is the route to take (for the animal) hands down. Thank you, Keta!

– Braden M.


Thank you and your staff at From Home to Heaven for coming to my house to make Ruca Roo’s passing smooth & painless. I’m so happy she was in the comfort of her own home and surrounded by her family. You took such great care of her and you were very understanding. One of the most compassionate & toughest jobs on the planet!!! I admire what you do and I highly recommend you to all pet owners. In-home euthanasia is the way to go. It’s less stress on your furbaby & you when it’s their time to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you FH2H!

– Lauren Carano


We can’t thank FH2H enough for your very compassionate care of our pup Violet. We appreciate your willingness to accommodate us at the last minute on a stormy Saturday afternoon, so that our girl could be at peace. I never expected a service to be as great as you all were!!! thank you, thank you, thank you!

Carol & Peter Deem (Beecher, IL)


As another review stated, I was also not able to use the service of From Home to Heaven, but I am still compelled to leave them a positive review. We had to make the difficult decision to unexpectantly make end of life plans for our 170 pound Cane Corso. Due to circumstances, his pain level, and his size, we were unable to transport him to our vet. When calling around, I was referred to From Home to Heaven and the first available appointment was 5 days away. I really wanted to end his suffering sooner, so called another agency that could get me an appointment in 4 days. Keta was so kind and supportive, as well as felt so bad that she could not get to us sooner. She told me she would see if she could work us in to their schedule or find someone else that could help us sooner. Although, she was not able to assist in getting us an earlier appointment, she called and texted all week to keep in touch and check on us. Thank you Keta for your kindness during this difficult time!

– Colleen B.


We’ve been to vets, surgeons etc. week after week. They all treated Zoe as a number. Finally we were forced to call you. FH2H treated Zoe with so much respect, patience, love and kindness. FINALLY with this group who had the unfortunate task of taking her away. We appreciate what you do! Thank you so much! – Zoe

– Jenn Jabczynski


I highly recommend this company. Prompt, professional and very kind during an extremely difficult time. Our dogs remains were delivered to our door, in person, the day after being put down. Well made wooden box with a dog paw print “wallet”. Very sad day, but the kindness that was displayed made the process easier on us.

– Robert Crowel


I cannot say enough wonderful things about From Home to Heaven. Very professional and compassionate. I had never heard of putting your pet to rest at home. From Home to Heaven made a very sad time a gentle and caring experience for all of us. My heart is happy and our dog was at home with us, the place she loved most. Definitely worth “peace of heart”

– Tammy Bartley


FH2H made the hardest thing we had to do as a family so peaceful and heartfelt. I am so glad we called them to put our old man “Peanut”(16 years old) to rest. Having someone who showed so much affection to us as well as our baby boy made the process 100% easier to handle. Thank you for being such wonderful people.

– Danielle True


From Home to Heaven Provided such a Compassionate Service for Our Family during a difficult Time. We Highly Recommend this company.

– Shannon Robinson


From Home to Heaven made our Sam as comfortable as possible. They showed great compassion and gave us as much time as we needed to say goodbye. Having him go in the comfort of his home, surrounded by loved ones meant everything to us. To anyone who finds themselves in our position, you don’t have to look any further than here and our utmost sympathies are with you.

– Tonya Kuchar


Our beloved Rockne was able to cross the rainbow bridge at home in front of the fireplace. We feel like we sent him home the right way. We Highly recommend From Home to Heaven.

– Dianna & Craig Brooks


I had to place not one but two fur babies to rest today. I tried everything after many trips to the vet. Watching their quality of life continue to deteriorate, I could not put it off any longer. My eldest dog would have been 18 in April and the youngest was turning 15 in September. I can’t say enough about From Home to Heaven. This company is Great! communication and professionalism is unbelievable. I’m also thanking God I was able to afford this service. I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way. If you are on the fence because other routes are cheaper, believe me, there is no better way to say goodbye to your fur babies than in the comfort of his or her home. for having the insight to start this business and for your comfort and kind words as I pulled myself through this very difficult time. I took the time to write this through my grief because far too often we leave a comment in anger but not love and appreciation. Thank you for everything!

– Tonya S


Keta and Team, thank you so much for making this very difficult experience so much easier for both us and our sweet Tucker. If we had to let him go, that was definitely the way to do it. I would highly recommend From Home to Heaven for home euthanasia. Everything was absolutely perfect.

– Christina and James Boyd


From Home to Heaven provided such a Compassionate Service for our Family during a difficult Time. We Highly Recommend this company. Thank you!

– Shannon Lowden


Keta and her team are exceptional. So kind, warm, and professional. Our 18 year old girl went to the Rainbow Bridge tonight with their help. I’m endlessly grateful for this beautiful service.

– Melina Stock


I cannot say enough great things about this company. The compassion and kindness shown to my old girl and my family was second to none. Our hearts still hurt but I take solace in knowing my dog spent her last moments in her home and is no longer hurting. Thank-you for this service and making a terrible time in our lives a little bit more tolerable.

– Mary Evangelista


We had two Angels come to our home to help my Abbi pass over the Rainbow Bridge. They were so kind and accommodated our needs and were so gentle with our girl. Words are not enough. May God watch over these two amazing ladies.

Click here to read about Abbi.

– Gayle Dybel


From Home to heaven was so wonderful and compassionate. We had an appointment scheduled for Friday evening. That Monday before our appointment our pup took a terrible turn for the worst. We contacted FHTH after midnight and the company had someone out by 5.30am. They treated him and our family as a whole with reverence and grace. We said our goodbyes and our friend was sent off to await us by the Rainbow Bridge. For this we are forever grateful.

– Kasey & Ken Saxton


Thank you for helping Tank transition into Heaven painlessly. We love him so much, our hearts hurt REAL bad but he is resting easy now. Keta I appreciate you and your team’s compassion at such a sad time for our family. I would highly recommend all of you.

– The Bzdyl Family


I highly recommend From Home to Heaven. It has been 1 week since we said ‘until we meet again’ as Yoda crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Keta was so kind and helpful every step of the way. Dr Laura Beyer was so kind and gentle with Yoda. Jake from Faithful Companion Pet Cremation Services, respectfully took Yoda to the crematory. These wonderful people entered our home, and instantly became family. They took care of Yoda as if he was their family member..Yoda’s transition was peaceful. Thank You Keta, and your compassionate team for ALL you do. We feel blessed to have met you, and will recommend you to anyone needing your services.

– Carol Carron


We lost our Bailey this past Tuesday from Degenerative Myelitis, a disease comparable to ALS, in humans. She could no longer walk and she showed us many other signs she was ready. As much as you dread this time, it came for us. I never knew about in home euthanasia until I read a post on our towns webpage from someone who used FH2H. After many phone calls and research, the time had come to make the arrangements. I called and got a message stating they were out of town until January 7th. I cried bc that is the day we chose for Bay and the family was coming in from out of town specifically to be with her during that time. Long story short a message was gotten to them and within an hour I received a call from Keta. Found out she was on vacation too and she took the time to talk, listen, and schedule Bailey’s arrangements for the day we needed while on her vacation. I was so comforted knowing I made the right decision. The day and time finally arrived and emotions were beyond high. Keta and Dr. Beyer came in introduced themselves and visited with Bailey to put her at ease. Dr. Beyer explained everything and answered all of our questions and waited until WE were ready: on our schedule, not theirs. After Bay crossed the rainbow bridge they left for awhile to give us private time with her to say our final goodbyes. Ethan came to take her to the crematory. He was so gentle with her and asked if there was anything we wanted to go with her to keep her comfortable. I placed her favorite toy between her paws and asked to please get this toy back with her. He assured me we would get it back. He allowed my son to carry Bay to the car. Ethan treated her like his own. Bay was returned to us mid day the next day. Our healing could finally begin knowing she was home safe and sound with her favorite toy. I cannot highly recommend From Home to Heaven enough for anyone wishing to have their pet transition at home. Bay was on her favorite spot on the couch in the warmth and comfort of her own home surrounded by ALL of the people who she loved and who loved her the most. It was quiet, tranquil, but most of all peaceful and that is what we wanted. Keta was in touch with me checking to see how everyone was doing and if we needed anything. Just a text away. I needed a rock and angel and Keta was there. I cannot thank them all enough for making such a difficult time more peaceful for all of us.

– Dori Bissonnette


From Home to Heaven turned out to be angels on our most dreadful day. The comfort and care provided to our boxer, Kennedy Elizabeth, and also to my daughter and I was far above and beyond anything I could’ve ever imagined. The cost was minimal but the service proved to be priceless. Afterwards felt more like a cherish-able memorial as they lovingly listened to us talk about special moments and left us with captured keepsakes to help us continue honoring her. Keta ensured the most meaningful transition, from the moment I placed the first phone call (with ‘no strings attached’). The deep agony of letting my precious girl go is now also accompanied with deep gratitude in knowing that there’s just no better way than this. They gave Kennedy the ability to leave us with yet another endearing memory. I definitely wasn’t expecting that and I know Kennedy’s butt is wiggling, too! Thank you for such a positive experience through the most heart breaking event in our lives! I’ll never stop missing Kennedy Elizabeth, but I’ll always be grateful that From Home to Heaven was there in our urgent time of need.

– Lori Gawlinski


Keta, Thank you for helping us transition our Tessa-girl yesterday. We miss her dearly, but are so thankful we were able to give her peace and freedom from pain, with your help. You are a very kind, caring, and professional individual. Those are wonderful qualities to have, especially in your line of work. I will definitely recommend your services for any friends and family that may be in need in the future. Thanks again for everything.

– Amy, PJ, Emily, and Gavin Donlon


I used this service for my boy Max. It was the best way to say goodbye to your fur baby in the privacy of your own home where they have lived their life with comfort and loved. Less stressful for your pet. This service is extraordinary and does not cost much more than your vet. I highly recommend it not only for your pet, but for the fur parents.

– Carol Vrablic


This is amazing! We’ve had to say goodbye to quite a few family pets over the years and nothing’s worse than bringing them to the vet to do it. It’s so stressful for them (and me) and I hate that their last moments are spent at the place they dread. When the time comes for any of my other babies, I’ll be calling these guys for sure!

– Kirstin LaRoche


Thank you so much for picking up Havoc today. Your genuine care and compassion shined through the phone. What a wonderful service you provide!! Gods angels are everywhere and you were mine today!

– Jess Novotney


I never ended up using From Home to Heaven’s services, but I did ask them to create a Yelp profile because my experience with their staff was extraordinary. Nobody looks forward to having to use any service to put their favorite, furry friends to rest, but it is inevitable. I learned about From Home to Heaven while searching for a compassionate company to put our nearly 20 year old toy poodle/husky mix, Nikko, to rest. From Home to Heaven was mentioned in several reviews as a preferred service on other company profiles on Yelp, so I decided to reach out. I initially called and left a voicemail and within minutes, my call was returned. I spoke to Keta exclusively, who informed me that I was outside their service area. Keta was so calm and compassionate, and really took the time to talk me through what to expect during euthanasia, even though it became clear that I wouldn’t be able to use their services. She explained how they take their time to speak with families and spend time with their pets before beginning the process, so that nobody feels rushed. For the service and peace of mind that From Home to Heaven provides, their fees are nominal. Without the inclusion of cremation services and the comfort of our home, a corporate, veterinary service in my area charged $200 over the cost of what From Home to Heaven charges. Keta didn’t stop there, she took it upon herself to find someone in my area who offered similar services so that our buddy Nikko could be surrounded at home by the people who love him most when it was his time. Over two days, Keta kept in touch with me regarding veterinarians and services nearby us who could help, and asked about Nikko’s well being every step of the way. I have never experienced customer service at this level. Keta & From Home to Heaven set the bar high. To Keta and the rest of the team, thank you for being as compassionate as you are. For a service that one wishes not to render, it is no doubt in my mind that your team is by far the greatest option! Unfortunately, Nikko didn’t have the added comfort of being laid to rest at our home, but he did go peacefully. Thank you once again for taking the time to explain to me what to expect during this time! This service is phenomenal!

– Hasnain, Nikko’s Dad


When our pet was in extreme distress, Keta From Home 2 Heaven helped us through the process in EVERY way. The entire experience was one we will never forget because she did everything in her power to help us. She gave us paw prints and hugs and all that support that we needed during this time. She called us a bit later in the day to check on us and we received a wonderful card in the mail a few days later. Keta gave us the best experience that one could have during one of the hardest times with our dog. THANK YOU!

– Joyce Groen



– Sherrie


Flash was more than a dog. He was like a brother…like a immediate family member. He gave us so many laughs and smiles. He touched every member of his family in a way words can not describe. Unfortunately our boy fell ill to an aggressive form of cancer and his quality of life was quickly declining. We made the heart wrenching decision to put him at peace and no longer in pain. From Home to Heaven was there for us in a short moments notice. FHTH helped us make sure Flash was able to pass over to the rainbow bridge in the arms of the people he loved…..his family…in his home. NOT on a medical table. Thanks FHTH for everything. Flash was only with us for 12 years..but in that time he gave us 1,000 years worth of love, laughs and joy. He may be gone but he will be living in all of our hearts until we meet him again at the rainbow bridge. Take care old friend. Will be missing you.

– Tom W.


Thank you again for helping ease a difficult time. From Home to Heaven helped when no one else would. They went above and beyond. They are professional and caring and kind.

– Karen Friday


Keta and staff: Your gentleness, compassion, and unending support both before and after helped to make an absolutely heartbreaking situation a little more bearable. Thank you very much!

– Felicia H, Mommy of Skittles


We are so thankful for Keta and her organization, From Home to Heaven. She and our dog’s vet, Dr. Lara Uriadko from Woodmar Animal Clinic, came to our house to… assist Shelby to the other side. They were both so warm and comforting. We are so grateful that this organization exists and would recommend it to anyone going through this.

– Anita Lahners


I highly recommend From Home to Heaven. They provide an outstanding service with professionalism and compassion.

– Kasia Zadykowicz


A service that is needed by many pet parents when our fur friends/family members are near the end of life. They came to my home with compassion for our pet and for us. I cannot thank them enough!

– Kathleen Schauer


Absolutely the sweetest people ever. To the lady who put in her own money to get my friend a clay paw, god bless you. They are an AMAZING company!

– Noelle Farley


Thank you so much for picking up Havoc today. You genuine care and compassion shined through the phone. What a wonderful service you provide!! Gods angels are everywhere and you were mine today!

– Carrie Farley


My family was already grieving when our puppers got out. One came home, the other did not. Community outreach helped me discover he was stuck by a car and his back was broken. We couldn’t afford the vet costs to stop his pain and have him cremated. He passed and would’ve been brought home to be buried in a house we didn’t own. Thanks to friends and family this amazing company was recommended and they have gone above and beyond to make sure my best friend was memorialized in a respectful, loving way so he could stay with us properly. The owner truly cares and goes out of her way to show true generosity and caring in a time when we needed it most. I highly recommend From Home to Heaven to anyone wanting genuinely great service.

– Amber Dvojacki-Craig


Thank you so much for your care and compassion with the transition of our beautiful Brutus. You provide such an amazing service and everyone involved was so thoughtful.

– Rebecca Pratt


From Home to Heaven provided a lovely and caring service for our family as we grieved losing our cat. They made it very comfortable for both our family and Bobby to make her way to Heaven. This is something we are very grateful for and definitely recommend to others if they are considering this for their pets.

– Marissa Toren


We are so grateful for your service.. thank you so much for your kindness and compassion ️ you are truly a blessing. Thank you Dr. Beyer and Keta.

– Samantha Rodgers Toren


We cannot say enough about Keta and her team at From Home to Heaven. They helped our Dallas transition today and treated us like part of her family. This is truly a service that is needed and we will never forget how wonderful they were to us and Dallas.

– Tiffini Crownover-Jamka


They are kind and caring, Truely a blessing to my family, Thank you Keta and Dr. Davis for your loving transition over the rainbow bridge for our Hailey, Your kindness will always be remembered.

– Regina Farley and family.


My boy Prince was put to sleep back in Feb. Keta, I had been meaning to thank you for your care and compassion that you showed for both me and him that day. I’ve never had to do anything that difficult, and I appreciate how patient and delicate you were. I’ll never forget that. Forever indebted.

– Dee Dee Boozer


I want to acknowledge 2 businesses that provided me with excellent service and compassion in my time of need. Thank you FromhometoHeaven and Faithful Companion Pet Cremation services for your impeccable service. You came into my home and helped me with the most difficult task of letting my beautiful fur baby go. Thank you! Run free my Jake you will truly be missed! Thank you for returning his remains promptly as promised. Jake 3/21/2020. 14 years & 2 months

– Ronni Pasciak


I highly recommend “From Home to Heaven.” As for any pet owner, the process of losing a family member, such as our beloved pets, is such an emotional and painful experience. I cannot thank them enough for how professional, responsive, caring, and passionate each individual was throughout this difficult process. I am so ever grateful that our dog, Hugo, was able to go in peace in his own home. No stress on Hugo during the visit. It was a devastating day losing our family dog; but, “From Home to Heaven” made the process meaningful. They genuinely care about the animals that come their way. Most sincerely,

– Britni and Pam


From Home to Heaven made the hardest thing we had to do as a family so peaceful and heartfelt. I am so glad we called them to put our old man “Peanut”(16 years old) to rest. Having someone who showed so much affection to us as well as our baby boy made the process 100% easier to handle. Thank you for being such wonderful people. ,

– The True Family


Where to begin…It’s been almost 3 months since I had to let my boy go and the tears still flow. I searched for someone to perform this service at my home because Carter, my dog, hated going to the vet and I wanted it to be as stress free as possible. The ladies were wonderful with handling Carter and the entire process. I will be using From Home to Heaven form now on when the time comes. Carter was laid to rest out in the circle so he could watch over his neighborhood and keep us safe. Love and miss him everyday…Thank you ladies for helping him to cross over to the rainbow bridge.

– Barbara Ann Donovan

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